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The body's failure to successfully manage the concentration of sugar in your blood.

Why me:

Typically the answer is… your diet. Yes, there are genetics, but also, it’s your diet. You may have irrepressible cravings leading to excessive sugar/ carbohydrate consumption, or just bad information regarding the foods you should and shouldn't be eating. There may an alignment issue in your spine, known or unknown to you, blocking proper regulation.

When to get help:

If you are shaky between meals, and having problems with brain fog, heart palpitations, clammy skin, anxiety, frequent urination, fatigue, brain fog, and/or abdominal weight gain, you likely have issues with your blood sugar. We can help.

"I had an incredible amount of stomach upset - heartburn, indigestion, gas, plus alternating diahrrea/ constipation and this constant feeling of no control over it. Oh! Plus, I really had low blood sugar attacks and intense cravings. If my stomach was and 8 or a 9 [ out of a possible 10, 10 being the worst], I now feel like I am at a 5. Everything has calmed down, and the best part is I feel more knowledgeable and in control of the situation. I also don't have low blood sugar issues and have massively reduced the amount of sugar I am eating."

- Adda Birnit

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