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Discover Wellness of SoHo exists to serve life. It stands for the truth that life and health are best expressed when the body is “tuned in” to its own natural intelligent force. Adjustments of the spine nurture the body toward wellness and greater life expression.

Discover a different approach to health – one that inspires trust in the amazing power within. Celebrate Life…Discover Chiropractic.



Our body's largest organ. Our interface with the world. Our body's way to communicate the state of our inner world. Stress manifests on our skin as: lumps, bumps, spots, dots, patches, rashes, scales and dulled vitality.

Why me:

The root cause is different for everyone. For some, hormonal imbalance is the driver. For others, weakness in the immune system sets the stage. Byproducts of detoxification can manifest in one form or another on your skin. Skin is sensitive to diet, and in particular, it's sensitive to sugar. Dull, puffy skin, untimely wrinkled and sagging skin is often a sign that your body is under internal stress, and usually tied to sugar. Your well functioning spine and nervous system vitalize all parts of your body, including your skin. Chronic strain in your alignment can diminish your inner radiance from shining through.

When to get help:

Whether you have concerns regarding a specific skin condition, or simply want your skin to reflect radiant health, we are here to find answers and provide support.

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