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Discover Wellness of SoHo exists to serve life. It stands for the truth that life and health are best expressed when the body is “tuned in” to its own natural intelligent force. Adjustments of the spine nurture the body toward wellness and greater life expression.

Discover a different approach to health – one that inspires trust in the amazing power within. Celebrate Life…Discover Chiropractic.



A sharp mind, able to process information in a flash. An emotionally balanced mind. A mind capable of retrieving the knowledge you need when you need it, and projecting the joyful memories that you'll want to re-live all the way into your old age.

Why Me:

Over and over, we find that nutritional deficiency and/ or excessive toxicity blocks the brain from firing on all cylinders. Our specialty in chiropractic craniopathy is a little known avenue toward better brain function, and works by relieving mechanical stress on the brain. Did you know that you have 2 brains in your body? You probably know about the one in your head, but the newest research has identified that a full 80% of your brain actually lives in your gut! Believe it or not, it's actually possible to fix problems with your mind by fixing problems with your gut. There's at least one way to know for sure, and that's by coming to visit us!

When to get help:

When the dusty files in your mind are too heavy to open. When your emotions are out of sync with reality, and you know it, but can't change it. When the fog over your brain is thicker than the morning air in San Francisco. When you need to buddy up with a trusted family member to whisper names at the big reunion. When you know something's amiss, and you're looking for an answer with a natural solution.

" I'm happier, calmer, more stable, more focused, more energetic, healthier overall! So much better and happier - love it. Never been to any place like this before. Such interesting discoveries. So holisitic and so informative. Warm and supportive. I've basically been talking non-stop about this program and Dr. Beth non-stop to everyone - recommend everywhere I go!!!"

- Alicia Yoon

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