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Discover Wellness of SoHo exists to serve life. It stands for the truth that life and health are best expressed when the body is “tuned in” to its own natural intelligent force. Adjustments of the spine nurture the body toward wellness and greater life expression.

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19 years witnessing the wild ride of pregnancy and we've seen it all. Back pain, wrist pain, pubic and groin pain, sharp breathtaking rib pain, can't-take-a-step pain, don't-make-me roll-over-in bed pain, my-left-hip-is going-to waste-away in this position pain, breech babies, headaches, sinus pressure, swollen ankles, constipation, safe whole food prenatal supplementation, pregnancy approved natural remedies, nausea, heartburn, to name a few.

Why me:

Presto change-o, and just like that it changes again. Keeping pace with the unique demands of pregnancy can be shaky for many. A forgotten injury from years past can suddenly reveal itself as an unlikely glitch in your get along. This &*% just got real and the desire for a strong balanced body suddenly has nothing to do with vanity. The piercing revelation that your baby's health is relying on your life's habits for it's very creation pushes up worrisome memories of every late night trans-fatty french fry you ever got involved with. And a fresh interest in upgrading nutrition for the both of you is born.

When to get help:

When you see the strip turn pink. When that bothersome area persists despite your best efforts to shake it off, massage it off, stretch it off., and ignore it out of existence. When you're ready for some fresh direction to invest in this vital stage of development.

“At 35 weeks pregnant, I was experiencing terrible lower back pain on my right side whenever I walked or balanced on one foot. My hip was also very uncomfortable. I was barely able to walk, and sleeping was difficult as it hurt to turn in bed. After 3 visits I am almost 100% better. I can walk again without pain, can sleep and I feel so relieved and grateful that I can handle these last weeks of pregnancy now! I had never seen a chiropractor before and was very nervous about doing it at 9 months pregnant, but Dr. Beth was very gentle – no cracking and made a huge difference for me. I am so glad I went to her and cannot recommend her more highly – especially for pregnant women suffering like I was – it made all the difference in the world.”

— Shira Altman


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